GP Series Automatic Radial Tire Chips Further Crusher For Granules With High Shredding Effect

GP Series Automatic Radial Tire Chips Further Crusher For Granules With High Shredding Effect

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The role of Tyre Recycling Plant

Nowadays, whether in developed or developing countries, more and more individuals or families choose to buy a car or more because of improved economic ability and cheaper prices of the vehicles.
Correspodningly, tyre scarp has been increasing greatly. Tyre recycling plant is quite need for eco-friendly environment.

Scrap Tyre Recycle Complete Production Line for Rubber Fine Powder

The Technological Flow:
Step 1. Whole Tire
Step 2. Remove Bead
Step 3. Cut tire into tire lumps
Step 4. Get rubber granule after crushing, metal-removing and fiber-separation.
Step 5. Get rubber fine powder after grinding
Step 6. Classify by sieveing
Step 7. packing
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GP Series Radial Tire Chips Crusher

This equipment is mainly used in further crushing approx 50mm rubber chips into approx 4-10mm rubber granules, which is suually used as the proceeding procedure of XPZ series rubber secondary crusher.

1. The cutting heads of equipment are applied with special shearing structure, which has higher shredding effect and capacity.
2. The main body of cutting heads are applied with the materials of high strength and high hardness, high wear resistant, which greatly reduces the cost of maintenance.
3. The equipment is applied with complete conveyor system, which forms high automation and save labor.
Product Paramenters
Main Technical Parameters
Size of cutting rotor (mm)
Φ400 x 500
Φ400 x 1000
Size of in-feed materials (mm)
≤50 x 50
≤50 x 50
Size of discharged materials (mesh)
Quantity of rotor blades 
Quantity of fixed blades
Capacity (kg/h)
Power of main motor (kw)
Auxiliary motor power (kw)
Dimension (mm)
1790 x 1400 x 2000
2650 x 1950 x 2100
Weight (kg)
Q1. What can recycled tires be used for?
A1: Scrap tires can be ground and mixed with asphalt to pave roads, or shredded for use in landslide repair and embankments.
These uses keep thousands of tires out of landfills with every project.

Q2. What products are made from recycled tyres?
A2: Innovative uses for recycled tyres
Substitute for gravel. Instead of using gravel, it's possible to use tyre chips instead.
Crumb rubber.
Landfill liners and covers.
Filters for wastewater treatment.
Garden mulch.
Tyre-derived fuel.
Tyre-derived aggregate.
Opt for a greener approach.

Q3. How do shred car tyres?
A3:The tyres should be shredded into crumbs or chips, as this will make them easier to resell. The shredder works by rotating knives, either on a single shaft or twin shaft to reduce the size of the tyre so that the volume is greatly reduced down to a pile of
rubber tyre crumb.

Q4. Is tire recycling a profitable business?
A4: In addition to benefiting the environment, used tire recycling can be a profitable business. Millions of used tires provide a
continuous source of supply of recycled tires that are used in three markets: tire-derived fuels, civil engineering applications
and ground rubber applications or rubberized asphalt.
Company Profile
About us
Careddi Technology Co.,Ltd. is a large enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing all kinds of complete sets of
equipment for crushing and gri

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