Inflatable Air Wedge for Window, Door and Cabinet Installation

Inflatable Air Wedge for Window, Door and Cabinet Installation

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Inflatable air cushion made of fiber reinforced material that is durable yet non-marking. Replaces the need for wooden shims and plastic wedges in window, door and cabinet installations. Aligns and levels household appliances and furniture. Powerful hand pump lifts up to 300lbs per Winbag.

The Winbag Air Wedge Hands Free 300lbs per WINBAG  Precise Tool for install Doors an Adjustments of household appliances When installing cabinets the WINBAG® provides precise leveling and an extra hand Great leveler and extra hand with drywall installation Adjustments and leveling of heavy appliances WINBAG® is an extra hand to hold an item in place while you work on a project Temporary lifting of objects As a “soft shim” against delicate surfaces

With the help of an innovative air wedge, you can now seamlessly replace shims and wedges when leveling windows or installing doors. Unlike wooden ones that leave marks on surfaces while being gentle to your surroundings -the WINBAG's inflatable cushion is made out durable fiber reinforced material so it will last time after time! With a maximum load capacity up 300 lbs per bag- this tool might just be what solves all those pesky positioning problems in larger jobs too

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