Wonderful novel, paperback, It Ends with Us, buy now, Language ‏: English

Wonderful novel, paperback, It Ends with Us, buy now, Language ‏: English

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"I can't stop thinking about him." she said, her voice barely audible. Her words were lost in the sound of rain pummeling against our window panes and a howling wind that seemed to just won’t let go completely - no matter what we do or where you are located on earth at any given time...

Lily doesn't always have it easy, but that never stops her from working hard for the life she wants. She's come a long way from where she grew up--graduating college and moving to Boston were two big steps forward in what started out as just another small town existence; starting your own business was an even greater challenge than expected with all of its obstacles no matter how prepared you are! And then there came Ryle Kincaid-a gorgeous neurosurgeon who made those moments between us feel too perfect already...

What makes Ryle so stubborn? And why does he seem like a total sweetheart at times, then refuse to give any dating advice for women outright.

Makes sense that this guy would be hard-driving and dedicated - but also sensitivity itself! What could make such an aloof person so caring about others' feelings (especially his own)? There must have been some major trauma in their past...

When Lily's world is turned upside down by the reappearance of her first love, she must face not only memories but also what it means to build a life with Ryle. As questions about their future overwhelm them both-Lily starts having thoughts again that are shareday between two people who were always meant for each other...

The way this author wrote made me feel so much emotions while reading on!

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