2016 ATK GT650R MOTORCYCLE 6-speed Double Overhead Cams/Twin Cam Wet sump Red, black, red/black

2016 ATK GT650R MOTORCYCLE 6-speed Double Overhead Cams/Twin Cam Wet sump Red, black, red/black

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The American motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle company, ATK is known for their modified engines. They have been in business since 1985 with headquarters located near Centerville Utah USA.[1] As of 2016 they were operating primarily to support previously sold models through parts distribution but also offer servicing manuals if needed on some bikes too! This brand was founded by former racing champion Jack Nicklaus who started out building his own chassis up until he could find better ones overseas so it's no wonder why this current lineups focuses heavily towards badge engineered products from other companies around the world nowadays

What's the deal with motorcycling? The history is deep, and it all began in Austria. After moving to America 35 years ago Horst Leitner set out on his own bike adventure which eventually led him back home-to launch one of Europe’s most successful motorcycle manufacturers: ATK or "Adrenaline Team King".

The 1985 Four-Strooke National's was won by Brian Myerscough on his way to a then world record of 14:46. Steve Eklund finished 2nd with an impressive semi final placing at ABC Superbike event that same year, while Warren Reid took home 3rd place in the Semi category during 13th overall Ascot TT Race Weekend back in 1986--just one example among many where Cycle World staff riders shattered limits set earlier this decade!

In 1985, Leitner-Poma was already an industry leader in electric bikes with their line of high quality four-stroke motorcycles. But when they were contacted by Can Am to produce a new model for this emerging market segment the company gladly agreed because it meant additional business opportunities and growth potential on top of what they had already achieved through years worth experience manufacturing some other products like dirt track racers or motocross gear under various brands name such as "ATK". This deal helped boost both parties' stocks at different times during its production span between 1989 until 1995 where

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